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Tips of the Season
June - August 2015
Make the Most of Your SummerSummer Organizing.

All the signs point to summer time is here!  Our weather is warmer. Pool season has started.  Days are longer.  There are lots of ways to celebrate the arrival of fun in the sun.  Summer organizing helps you make the most of summer fun.

Start off the season organized!

  • Switch out your seasonal clothes. Itís time to release those winter items that were not worn in the last few years. Move your summer items into your primary closet and organize them in a way that work for you, whether itís by color, sleeve length or set. Use a bin for flip flops and organize your shoes so you can see them best.
  • Replace your winter linens with summer light weight cottons. Swapping to lighter weight linens gives you the opportunity to clean your bed covers. Eliminate extra decorative bed pillows and freshen up the look of your bedroom.
  • Give your pantry the once over. During winter we cook differently. Think of fresh new menus and ways you can start a new plan for eating. Mark your calendar for your grocery runs that will include fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Set up outside areas. Scrub down the patio or have it power washed. Freshen up outdoor seating cushions and furniture. Add in patio lighting, candles or lanterns. Create a pool toy play bin to corral balls and floats. Be ready for outside fun with storage designed for outside toys.
  • Get your activity bags ready to go. Create travel or activity bags for you and your kids. Your bag can include chargers, reading material, sunscreen, bug spray and other goodies while you watch your kids at swim team. Your kidsí bags include whatever they need for an activity. Have one bag per activity so everything is ready to walk out the door.
  • Pick a single flower from your garden or pick up a small fragrant herb from the store. Bringing in the smell of the outdoors is a great pick me up in the summer

Work Life Balance
Start off summer with a plan..

  • Host a family meeting focusing on vacations, camps and time at home. Write your familyís plans on your family calendar so everyone is in the know. Add in preparation times, when you will be packing and unpacking. Make a list of what you need to purchase to be prepared for your outings.
  • Discuss what family time routines will be maintained or added this summer. A little structure goes a long way during the summer. What will be added responsibilities? What time will bedtime be? What are ways to keep up with reading and math? Having these conversations now set the stage for summer success. Once decided,  create a chart or online reminder system to keep your family on target.
  • Scout out additional resources for summer supervision. Are there neighborhood teens, additional baby sitters or ways to add time with grandparents that can help you in a pinch? You will be ready for extended meetings or other delays just in case.
  • If you live solo, add in additional resources to give yourself more free time. Add in a mowing company, find a dry cleaner that picks up your clothes, or pick up cut up fresh veggies. In finding little ways to find more time you gain a whole lot.
  • Check out new collaboration tools that you can use to work at home. Dropbox offers you access to your files at work from any device. With Skype you can have a face to face conversation using your device. LastPass keeps all your passwords accessible and organized from anywhere. allows for screen sharing. Evernote keeps you organized with your lists. Just one of these tools could be a bonus for your productivity this summer.
  • Take time for real vacation and create real rejuvenation time. According to The Energy Project, of workers are physically depleted, emotionally drained, mentally distracted, and lacking in meaning because they need time away from work. If you are away, post an auto-response giving a heads up. If you check email while away, keep it to a minimum. Create space for what you love to do this summer. Read some of the magazines or books poolside that you have collected all year. Enjoy time for a pedicure, exercise or cooking. Summer is our time to play!

Best of all these summer organizing projects can be chunked down to one hour time slots. You can enjoy the day and not be bogged down all day with organizing. Make this your best summer ever with your summer organizing.


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