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Tips of the Season
June - August 2014
Organizing PhotosOrganizing Photos.

We Love Photos! We have them on our smart phones, cameras, online and in print. It can be overwhelming after a birthday party or family event to gather them together. Our photos are our way of capturing the magic of the moment. Organizing photos means you will truly enjoy them.

Allow time once a month or just after a family event to work with your photos. We jump back into life and donít get the opportunity to reflect and enjoy our photos. It helps to set a time to work with these.

Start with a plan. How will you group your photos? With paper photos, we group chronologically, by events like holidays, birthdays or trips, or by family member. Keep in mind your family will be growing, like adding grandkids and partners. Write out your plan and then create folders online to capture the photos as you consolidate them.

Begin consolidating. Get all your digital photos together in one place. For me thatís on my computer. I email them to myself from my smart phone, download from Facebook, and move them from my camera. Keeping all your photos in one place makes it easy to know what you have.

Always backup your photos. There are lots of ways to do this. I use Carbonite to back up all the time. But I have high recommendations for Picasa, Dropbox, Smugmug and Shutterfly. Each allows a certain amount of space with additional space for a fee.

Taking the next step is the fun part. Decide what photos you want to print, create a digital photo album, or create a gift. I keep framed pictures of grand kids throughout my home. I know the frame sizes so each season I print out an updated photo. If you are just starting a photo grouping in a hallway or on a desk top, choose the frames first, then purchase the pictures. My daughter in law does a birthday book for each child. The book consists of 5- 8 printed pictures from each birthday, placed in sequence in a photo album. The kids love looking through these each year. Other options include digital scrapbooks from Shutterfly and even For Motherís Day, Fatherís Day or birthdays, gifts like mouse pad, calendar or mug are wonderful ways to share photos. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to choose the photos you want to share.

Donít be afraid to delete photos that are not up to par. Culling out and eliminating photos frees up space for you to keep what you truly love, just like with stuff!

Jump start your spring organizing this year. Keep me posted on how your work is progressing and how successful you are. If you are struggling, I am here to help!

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